Visit to Colombia

Visit to Colombia

5 April


The Netherlands is the number 6 on the list of Worldwide Trade Partners with Colombia.

Especially where it comes to exports from Colombia into Europe – Holland.

Vice versa we are nowhere near.

There are huge investments of Dutch Companies in Colombia, in terms of investments we are one of the leaders. The investments are in different sectors such as water, infrastructure, Transport and the Medical Industry. All of these Dutch investments have resulted in the creation of around 20.000 new Jobs in Colombia. Companies that are involved are Stork, Makro, Royal Hasskoning, Heineken and a few more. Heineken is building a new Brewery north of Bogota which will bring the import figures down significantly.

The economic growth in Colombia varies between 3% and 6%, numbers we are dreaming of.

The fruit sector is one of the most booming sectors, Avocado export for instance grew 200%+, passion fruit exports are growing so the opportunities for us are enormous.

My visit to Colombia is for a few days, Holland House has created an interesting match making program so that will keep me busy.

Later today our trade mission will be having a joint Dinner to which our Ambassador also accepted our invitation.


7 April


Just arrived at Medellin Airport Colombia.

Yes indeed, this is the place where once the biggest Narcotics Boss of the World resided and worked.

But since he “moved” the City is back to a more normal and more peaceful environment.

The City has suffered many Years under the regime of this Person and patiently watched the City went under.

But, the resurrection is phenomenal.

There is a huge development in housing, many International Corporations are establishing in Medellin and the Economy is good, which also applies for the climatological circumstances.


In the slums of Medellin (comparable to the Favelas in Brazil) you see a huge improvement in the social circumstances and employment is provided for. There is even a Cable Railway installed to connect the hills of Medellin with Downtown to eliminate the social differences. Beautiful to see.

That all comes apart from the business Opportunities Colombia in general and Medellin in particular have to offer

Unlimited chances and what a beautiful vibe does this beautiful City have

I ‘have to’ come back later this Year to follow up on this Campaign but, I must be honest, there are more usual destinations I would not prefer above this City – YES, I am talking about Medellin in Colombia…

Anton Filippo – LBP Rotterdam B.V.


Chile – China Cherry Trade is booming

It isn’t so long ago since we handled a fair number of containers and air shipments with fantastic Cherries for our Chilean customers and some European Importers.