Timely information is vital

Timely information is vital

In our continuous attempt to improve our level of service, we also need Your cooperation. The flow of information that we need in order to be able to process the data of all the incoming shipments is vital for a smooth handling and clearance.

We have noticed that for some exporters the information comes late, or it comes incomplete or sometimes even not at all.
In those, but certainly in most, cases we need to push some of You to send us the paperwork.
That applies both for announcements by E-mail and also original documents and certificates.
It has proven that non-(timely-) receipt leads to delays, it also delays deliveries and thus also leads to more costs for us and ultimately to You !!

Can You please ask those responsible in Your Company for the information flow to pay some additional attention and to act as follows :
1. Pre-alerts by email

Sea- shipments
Air- shipments

2. Original paperwork please send to

L.B.P. Rotterdam B.V.
Honderdland 50
2676 LS Maasdijk
The Netherlands

It is important to know to know that :

We have to process all data in our systems – when You can provide packing lists in EXCEL it will help us enormously and will ultimately work much quicker.

We need to apply for Phyto Sanitary Inspections for incoming fruit and we need to announce the applications. But we always need ORIGINAL Phyto Certificates.
Again, if that is all in place in time, we can act quicker and smoother and we will have less delays.

So every ones’ assistance is greatly appreciated.

Should You have any further questions or otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact us at all times.