Shipping line local charges

Shipping line local charges

At the beginning of 2020 we have agreed new rates for our services.

We also included the local liner charges that in most cases are advanced to the Shipping Lines on clients behalf.The quoted costs are based on the rates that were known to us at the time.

However, due to Corona Virus, Shipping Lines are updating and reviewing their local fees.Consequently we ended up paying more than we are invoicing.

From July 1st we have no other choice but to adjust our rates for 2020 as follows :

RC 41 Documentation fee € 50,00
RC 126 Container Inspection Fee € 43.50 unchanged
RC 127 ISPS € 22.50 unchanged
RC 128 Terminal Handling Charges € 325.00

All these rates are now standard rates but subject to changes by the Shipping Lines.

Over payments to the Liners we incur an advance fee of 2%