Warehousing & Stock control

Stock Control

Wherever you are and no matter what time it is, if you want to see the stock you need to be able to see it. Period.

LBP has designed and developed our own STOCK INFORMATION SYSTEM and we are proud to say that all the customers that have been using it over the Years are very happy with what it gives them.

Full transparency of what we are doing with your fruit.

  • Arrival information
  • Stock information
  • Stock movement information – orders are processed and can be followed
  • Cost can be seen, invoices can be printed
  • All Customs Clearance procedures are shown and stored
  • Quality Reports can be found
  • And so more


Our Stock Information System allows the overseas exporters as well as the stock holding European Importers to keep full control of all their fruit.

Every evening around 20:00 hrs our local time, all stock holding customers (unless you do not want it) receive a breakdown of the stock, the stock movements and those shipments that were planned but did not go.

Log in – 24 / 7

Once the account has been opened, you will be given your own PIN code and LOGIN to enter your own secured area on our website. 24 hours a day – 7 days per week. The systems refreshes always once something changes, no delays. The only way to access your stock is to find www.lbp.net – the client login section and to use your entrance codes.  It is easy and convenient and can be updated to meet specific requests when needed and possible.