For LBP Rotterdam B.V. sustainability is of great importance both for environmental reasons but not in the least for us as a Company, our business relies for a great part on a Healthy World.

Early 2017 LBP will start installing Solar Panels on the roof.
In order to lower our energy usage as well as the costs for it, we will be installing 1400 panels.
This will be giving us a result of 0.392 megawatt that makes LBP to be self supporting for the largest part of our energy.

Next to the Solar Energy, when the building was constructed we had already chosen to use extra thick panels for our cool rooms for the best Insulation.
The same applies for the materials that we used on our roof, materials designed and build to create maximum sustainability.

The waste heat of our cooling equipment is not wasted but used for the heating of our floors.

The lighting in our whole complex is all LED-LIGHTING.
Lights automatically switches off in the rooms that we are not using.

Our Fork lift trucks are all electric trucks. These trucks will all be charged with electricity generated from our Solar Panels.

All our colleagues drive Hybrid Company Cars, another attempt to reduce emissions to an absolute minimum.

Of course, our waste is also separated to enable our Certified Partners to recycle as much as possible.
Our Fruit waste, for example, is taken to a certified installation to recycle in Bio Ethanol and Compost.

All in all, LBP Rotterdam BV has their focus in caring about the Environment, protecting the World.