Sea & Airfreight

Shippers in Origin do everything possible to optimize the packaging of professionally grown products.  All to the required standards and the specifications of the clients.

Air freight is usually chosen for products that cannot be shipped by sea container or those that need to be at destination as quickly as possible.

For both of these modalities, as well as the ones by truck or train, you need a reliable Partner at the receiving point that can take care of your products on arrival, that knows how to handle them and how to take care of paperwork.

From the moment your container or your shipment leaves Your Country, we take over the control. We monitor the arrivals, we take care that after arrival the fruit comes to LBP facilities without any delays. We keep an eye on required documents, we let you know when something is missing and so further.

LBP facilities are located in Maasdijk, 45 minutes from Rotterdam Delta Terminals and from Schiphol Airport. The building has 28 cool rooms with space for +3000 pallets as well as 8 ripening rooms.

Once the fruit arrives we conduct a quality inspection considering the shippers’ specifications .We then customs clear if needed, we store the fruit in right environments at the correct temperatures and make sure that the fruit is properly transported to the final customers as per shippers’ instructions.

Whether the task involves customs formalities, Quality Control or proper packaging, we always committed to offer the highest possible level of service.

All in All, reliable service in the hands of professional and experienced Partners that feel for the product as much as you do….