Quality Control

Inspection of arrival

Vital and imperative for your business is to know what the Quality of Your produce is on arrival in Europe.

That information is as important for you as it is for us.

LBP has outsourced all the QC work to a reliable Partner for many Years

MAAS FRUIT QUALITY INSPECTIONS B.V. (MFQI) with whom we are working very closely together.

Irrespective of the arrival methods, being by sea – air – road or otherwise, all the fruit that arrives in our warehouse is being inspected by the team of MFQI.

Temperatures are taken, quality inspected, gas levels on CA containers measured all and everything is possible. Inspectors report immediately to the customer straight after the inspection has been completed. Under the eyes of these inspectors further activities such as (re-) packing, sorting, grading and otherwise are carried out

Interim inspections

Not all fruit is sold directly; sometimes it stays in our facilities for more time.

If that is the case, your fruit also undergoes stock quality inspections. After a few days in store, all subject to the product and its quality on arrival,  fruit is looked at and reports are send with the current status.

You can always access these reports by logging in to our system.