Customs Clearance

Import Customs Clearance

One of the most important aspects of our operation and for importing Fruits in general is the Customs Clearance.

It is essential to have a smooth clearance procedure – perishables usually cannot take any delays.

We are certified AEO (Authorized Economic Operators) and we handle all our customs clearances ourselves, in house. The AEO status also gives us preferences in the Port and with regards Customs and Sanitary Inspections.

Our own software, developed in-house, enables us to make sure that the best legal method for clearing is chosen at all times. Our certificated Staff ensures that you never pay too much on duties and other extras.

LBP can act as the Limited Fiscal Representative for customers in Europe but also overseas.

Export Customs Clearance

When it comes to exporting or re-exporting fruit from Europe to countries outside of the European Union, LBP can complete the full sets of documentation that is needed.

Not only Export Customs Documents but you can also think of Export Phyto Certificates, new Certificates of Origin and other paperwork that may be required for specific products or in specific countries. We have the knowledge to take care of that.

Phytosanitary Inspections

Phytosanitary Inspections are always done in our own facilities. Since we work closely together with the Phytosanitary Authorities we can have your fruit inspected promptly and without delays.

We are SKAL certified to clear ORGANIC Produce as well.

Products that do not need to be Phyto Inspected but need to be checked for Quality by the Authorities,  our qualified team of Inspectors have permission to make these RIK inspections themselves under supervision of the Local Authorities.