Packing- and Material Costs

Packing- and Material Costs

Whatever the reasons are : Covid, agreements between countries, messy relationships and a huge interest in making the environment a better place…… the costs for packing and especially the packing materials are going up significantly.

With immediate effect, from September 1st 2021
Labour, to begin with.

Holland (Europe) has more vacancies than unemployed which causes the market to become extremely competitive. Finding new colleagues, both permanent and temporary, is getting more and more difficult and thus more and more expensive.
The costs of the actual work increases alongside that and that shall have its impact on the prices.

Wood / Pallets

Then, there is a worrying shortage of Wood. The basic ingredient that one needs to put pallets together. This causes the prices of these pallets to increase to € 10,00 for normal standard 1.00 x 1.20 meter pallet and to € 15,00 per pallet for euro-size pallets.
Packing materials

An almost chronic lack of Plastic is another thing. Raw materials for packing units in general. That also results in increasing costs, shortage or even non-availability of materials and equipment. Here You will see increasing prices for the supply of packing materials.
Buy at large, You have to count with higher costs for our packing services- and materials.

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