New System for Organic Certificates

New System for Organic Certificates

To apply for, and sign, the Organic Certificate electronically (online) a new application has been designed and installed in Trade Control and Expert New Technologies (TRACES NT)
The system has been designed by the European Committee. Importers of Biological Agricultural Products can now apply digitally for a Certificate of Importation of Biological Products.
The 1st consignee of the product can sign the Certificate in TRACES NT before they receive the product.
He control certificate of Importation of Biological Products comes from art. 13 of the following Regulation Verordening (EC) Nr. 1235/2008 (pdf),
The regulation (EC) Nr. 1235/2008 has been changed with
Verordening (EU) Nr. 2016/1842 (pdf) in which all changes can be found.