New regulations EU – For food products – January 2017

New regulations EU – For food products – January 2017

From January 1st EU have implied new regulations for food products that need to be inspected and sampled by the Food & Health Authorities.

For the following products regulation is in place where NVWA (Food & Health Authorities) may sample the arriving Produce.

In case decisions are made to do so, it will not only delay the arrival of the product, You also have to calculate with cost for this sampling.

It concerns :
a)         Bolivia – Groundnuts  (food en feed) – research on Aflatoxine
b)         Benin – Pineapples (food) – Pesticide residue
d)         Egypt – Grapes (food) – Pesticide residue (20%)
e)         Turkey – Pomme Granate (food) – Pesticide residu (20%)
f)          Uganda – Egg Plant (food) – Pesticide residue (20%)

Change of Inspection Frequencies :
a)         United States – Pistachios – Aflatoxins
b)         Vietnam – Dragon fruit – Pesticide residue (from 20% to 10%)
c)         Turkey – Limes – Pesticide residue (raised from 10 to 20%)

For further information, you can also connect to the website of the Health Authority with this information.

Click here to visit the European website.