LBP Rotterdam chooses solar energy

LBP Rotterdam chooses solar energy

By placing 1,400 solar panels on the roof of their buildings in Maasdijk, LBP Rotterdam has recently taken further steps in choosing a cleaner environment. “Sustainability has become important because energy sources are depleted or becoming less suitable for use. The use of the sun is a much chosen way to generate energy more naturally by transforming sunlight into electricity. The electricity bill for LBP, with 26 cooling cells, 8 ripening cells, packing rooms and spacious offices, was significant each month. By placing these 1,400 panels, we expect to significantly reduce energy costs,” says Anton Filippo.

The use of solar panels is expected to generate 0.392 megawatts of energy, which will make LBP self-sufficient for a considerable part of their energy usage. Previously, LBP chose hybrid cars for the staff, electric forklifts in the warehouses and for recovering the heat from the refrigeration plants to heat the floors. “In addition to all LED lighting in the buildings, this new development with the solar panels is a new step forward in improving our environment. Should you fly over the LBP building in an airplane, private jet, hot air balloon or otherwise this summer, our solar panels cannot be missed in any case,” Anton concludes.