LBP in Colombia

LBP in Colombia

When visiting a country to promote the Company and to try and help as much local exporters with their exports to Europe as possible, it is always nice to be invited by the local Dutch Ambassador.
In this case the Dutch Ambassador in Bogota Colombia, Mr. Jeroen Roodenburg, who invited me for Lunch in his residence.
An honour to say the least especially as not only did the Ambassador wanted to talk about our efforts in Colombia, he also wanted to introduce me to the new Agricultural Attachee for the Netherlands in Colombia Mrs. Ir. Patricia de Vries.
She will in her responsibility also look after the interest for Netherlands in Peru and Ecuador
It is good to see that our efforts are recognized by the local Ambassador, in this case in Bogota with Ambassador Roodenburg as fine example.
LBP in Colombia has been noted, not only by our own Embassy but, luckily, also by the Colombian Exporters
ambassy bogota

From left Andres Santana (Dutch Embassy in Bogota), Anton Filippo (LBP), Mrs. De Vries, Mr. Roodenburg and Jan-Willem van Bokhoven, Director Dutch-Colombian Chamber of Commerce in Bogota.


Visit to Colombia

The Netherlands is the number 6 on the list of Worldwide Trade Partners with Colombia