Great Britain wants temporary Customs Union with EU after Brexit

Great Britain wants temporary Customs Union with EU after Brexit

After their departure out of the European Union in March 2019, the United Kingdom wants to form a Customs Union with the EU, that is the plan that the British Government has announced.

Minister David Davis, responsible for Brexit, feels that a temporary arrangement should not cost his Country anything. He means that the transition period should not take more than 2 Years.

As far as he is concerned, after the next Elections that are scheduled for 2022, the permanent regulation should be in place.

The EU has announced to study the British propositions carefully but feels that at first there must be sufficient progress with the brexit plans.

EU have taken notice of the British preferences for a transition period and the future relation but can only comment when appropriate progress has been made with the conditions of their departure, says the European Committee in a statement.

The Board of the European Union repeated that an agreement about the future relation can only be reached when the United Kingdom have left the European Union.

In a Customs Union countries cooperate in the field of trade where no customs rates apply.

As today, the British Government would like the free circulation of goods within the European Union to continue.

The negotiations about the conditions of the separation will continue the end of August 2017.