Day care centre in Brazil

Day care centre in Brazil

September 2017
Our Day Care is finally open

On July 29th the Argo Foundation was inaugurated. Employees and their families, managers, sponsors, children participating in the project and directors of the institution attempted to the event.
We also had the presence of the Lions Club Petrolina Center that throughout the event offered medical, dental and legal services.
The event began with the speech of Daniel Briso, who commented on the importance of promoting social and environmental awareness through collaborative actions. He called everybody to take part in this pioneering project in the Sao Francisco Valley. Then Julia Briso gave the uniforms to the children.
The staff and children participated in the collective painting of the foundation wall, as well as enjoying a brunch that was offered to all the guests.
It was a beautiful Saturday of integration, in which the collaborative spirit was embracing all those present.


Argo Foundation in action!

The foundation will initially serve thirty school-age children, divided into two shifts. The children will come three days a week and participate in elaborate workshops to help them develop various skills. During the last 3 months, we have developed a detailed work to develop the pedagogical programming of this space .; Arts activities, social integration, environmental and sustainable values, among others, will be developed with children. Besides school help, Spanish and English classes among other activities with the participation of volunteer office workers – capoeira, music, etc. A meal is also offered.

Every day we make a talk round to encourage socialization and respect for the next. At that moment the children talk about how they are feeling and how it was the day before. Then the chat continues on the theme that will be worked on the day. Some of the themes worked were: folklore; the place where they live; family; the school where they study; or semiarid; real and unreal; living in society; independence day and the Amazon.

Activities are almost always related to a theme so that children can contextualize them and understand exactly what it means to do them. The day of folklore, for example, was related to the legends of the São Francisco River. The children painted drawings of frowns and knew a little about their history.


Our daily activities …
The integration week

The first week was the Integration Week, where students were able to get to know the foundation, the team and their colleagues better. A “coexistence agreement” was drawn up between the children and the educator, in which together they decided rules for the use of space, books and toys. They also talked about respect and collaboration.
In this first week the children customized their materials during an art workshop.
Aslo with the purpose of integration, it was worked the textual genre autobiography.

Cookies Office

To celebrate Father’s Day children attended a Cookies Workshop. This workshop, in addition to providing lots of fun, also allowed children to develop various skills. Children were able to explore and develop relationships of measures and notions of ability. They also knew some hygiene and safety standards in food preparation, as well as learning how to work collectively. At the end of the workshop, after personalizing their cookies, each child took their produce home and was able to give it as a gift to their fathers.

Capoeira Wheel

In August the children participated in a Capoeira Wheel organized by a group of volunteers. The Roda de Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian cultural manifestation that mixes fight, dance and music. It is considered by Unesco – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – intangible cultural heritage of humanity.
It was an afternoon that the children had a rich experience of this cultural expression. They learned a little about history, they got in contact with musical instruments, sang typical songs and represented some figures. And, of course, they played a lot of capoeira.


Argo Foundation

Our “home” when trough a rebuilding during 2 months. The new space was developed to offer an harmony place to the children, with classroom, multi-function room, reading room, office, kitchen, bathrooms, balcony, garden, mini-vegetable garden and yard.