Announcement Phyto Sanitary Inspections

Announcement Phyto Sanitary Inspections

Good Afternoon

We have been informed by the National Food & Health Authorities that :

For those arrivals from origins for which an ORIGINAL PHYTO CERTIFICATE is needed, the Phyto Inspectors will no longer carry out inspection if the ORIGINAL PHYTO is not present at the time of the Inspection.

The Phyto Sanitary Authorities are stretching that they will no longer carry out Inspections on the basis of Copies of the Phyto.

Even if the Original Phyto Certificates have been sent from origin, these Inspections will only be done once the ORIGINAL PHYTO has physically arrived.

We confirm that there will not be any exceptions to this new ruling that will be effective immediately, from November 25th 2021.

It is with great regret that we do not have the authority nor the power to change this. This is new ruling and we all, including the shippers and receivers, will have to adhere to this.

For the record, when the fruit is not inspected and cannot ( never ) be customs cleared prior to that. The order is : Phyto Inspection first, then a Phyto release code that is needed for the import customs clearance.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at all times.